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4 Salon Beauty Treatments You Can DIY When Your Budget Is Limited

Does splurging at a beauty salon or a spa take a toll on your monthly budget? While every woman or man likes and deserves to be pampered, there is the question of saving a few dollars when your beauty budget is always stretched thin. Fortunately, there are a few salon treatments you can replicate at home and still get great results.


There is almost nothing nicer than visiting a nail salon for the therapeutic treatment your toes receive from a professional. However, it's now a lot easier, not to mention cheaper, to maintain foot care from the comfort of your own home.

This is because you can easily purchase plenty of quality tools and creams required to carry out this beauty treatment at home. So why not trim those toenails, buff them, dust off those bottles of your favourite nail polish and treat yourself to an easy pedicure? Your toes will be looking great at a fraction of the cost.


Ten minutes, salon-grade wax and a handful of wax strips is all you need to get rid of unwanted hair. Although its best to visit a professional therapist for waxing when it comes to your more delicate bits, you can easily wax your legs, upper lips and eyebrows without much difficulty.

Make sure you follow all waxing directions carefully and moisturise accordingly, especially for sensitive skin. 


Facials are an important part of maintaining healthy skin, and there is nothing like being pampered in a cosy salon treatment. Although a professional facial once in a while can be quite convenient for your skin, it can cost you a pretty penny, and the treatment couldn't be easier to perform on yourself at home.

All you need is to walk into your favourite beauty shop and purchase a few face masks to achieve a salon-like glow.

You can also treat your skin to a steam facial using boiling water and a few herbs such as green tea, lavender or peppermint.

Body scrub

A professional body scrub can be quite rewarding and can seriously improve your skin. However regular full body scrubs at the spa are an expensive treatment.

Take matters into your own hands and show your skin some love with a few kitchen cupboard ingredients such sugar, salt, coconut oil or olive oil. Although your body scrub won't be as thorough as a spa treatment, it will work just as great to exfoliate dead skin cells.