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Don't Overlook These Supplies for Your New Salon

When you're starting a new salon, or are thinking of becoming self-employed and styling hair from your home or other location, you need to ensure you have all the hairdressing supplies required for various hairstyles and clientele. Scissors and a comb just won't be enough to make all your clients happy with their hair, and the right equipment and tools can make your work much easier, and make clients more comfortable overall.

However, there are some other items you don't want to overlook when you're opening a salon or have decided to become a self-employed hairstylist. Note a few of those items here, so you know you're fully equipped for your business or new career.

Shelves for product

You can add to your overall profits if you become a distributor for product and sell them at your salon. This includes shampoos, conditioners, hair styling gels and hairspray, and even items like nail polish, hair brushes and hair dryers. Your clients won't know you have these items, however, if they're not properly displayed! Add shelving to an area where clients can easily see and even touch these items, which then encourages them to consider them for purchase, and this can mean more overall sales and more profit for your business.

Cushions for client comfort

Be sure to purchase a few cushions for clients who may be of shorter stature and who might need that added "boost" while in the styling chair, or who have physical conditions that require a bit of added cushioning in the seat. Rubber or foam "lips" can also be purchased for shampoo bowls, to line the edge or rim of the bowl, also for added comfort. This can ensure your clients are not feeling any aches or pains when they walk out of the salon, and these items also help them to relax, so you can more easily shampoo and then cut and style their hair.

Checkout equipment

Don't overlook the equipment you need for easy and speedy checkout for your clients; a card reader for credit cards is vital, and having a reader that automatically offers certain tip amounts can also make it easier for clients to include a tip, without having to figure the amount in their head. A scanner can also mean faster checkout of product you sell, and the system might also offer to collect email addresses for newsletters. This might encourage them to make more appointments or to add services to their regular hair care routine, which can also increase your overall profits.